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The 27th Annual Meeting of The Photomedicine Society

The 27th Annual Meeting of The Photomedicine Society will be held:

February 15, 2018
San Diego, CA USA

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the annual Photomedicine Society Meeting will be held Thursday, February 15, 2018 in San Diego preceding the American Academy of Dermatology Meeting.

We have made significant efforts to increase the appeal of our meeting to a larger audience in attendance at the AAD Meeting while continuing to provide content relevant to our core group. This year you will find the following sessions:

  • Tough Cases: Patient Based Reviews by Experts in Photomedicine
  • The Best of the Photomedicine and Photobiology Literature (presented by the authors of the manuscript)
  • Topics in Photoprotection including Skin of Color
  • Controversy: Impact of Sunscreen on the Oceans
  • Sunscreen Workshop: Understanding SPF and it Limitations
  • Phototherapy Workshop
    • Tough Diagnoses You Never Thought to Treat with Phototherapy
    • Photodynamic Therapy Update
    • UVA1 Phototherapy in Office and At Home
    • Targeted Phototherapy Applications

As many of you know, our membership and attendance have declined sharply. The future success of our Society depends not only on your continued support of our meeting, but also in communicating the broad appeal and quality of our meeting to others. I ask that each of you encourage your colleagues and trainees to attend the upcoming meeting. This will be a fantastic program! I look forward to seeing you in San Diego.

Kind regards,
Heidi Jacobe, MD, MSCS
President, Photomedicine Society


27th Annual Meeting of the Photomedicine Society
February 15, 2018
San Diego, CA USA
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