The Photodermatology Society
promotes a greater understanding
of light in health and disease.

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The Photodermatology Society seeks to build a robust body of knowledge in regards to light based therapies. We are proud to be able to present videos featuring our many speakers and the wide variety of lectures they cover.


32nd Annual Meeting of the Photodermatology Society

Light Therapy for Hair Growth
with Maria K. Hordinsky, MD

Effects of UV on the Skin Microbiome and its Protection by UV Filters
with Rolf Schuetz, PhD

Evaluation of Protective Effects of Sunscreens Against Long UVA-1 and VL: A Comparative Study
with Eduardo Ruvolo, Jr., MS

Sunscreens: Misconception, Misinformation, and New Opportunities
with Sophie Bai

Mitigating the Photodamaging Effects of Glass Transmitted Solar Energy
with Lisa Winckler, BS

Effects of Photon Density on UV-induced Skin Carcinogenesis
with Cheng-Che E. Lan

Clinical Test Results Present a Solid Foundation for an FDA Determination that Bemotrizinol May be Considered as GRASE for OTC Sunscreen Use
with Carl D’Ruiz, MPH/i>

Effectiveness of Marketed Sunscreens in UV Protection
Sara Moradi Tuchayi, MD, MPH

Real World Studies of Phototherapy: Lessons from the Light Treatment Effectiveness (LITE) Study
Joel M. Gelfand, MD

The Damaging Effects of Long UVA Rays: Benefits of an Enlarged Photoprotection Efficiently
with Claire Marionnet, PhD

The Future of Photoprotection: The Need for Personalized Recommendations
with Henry W. Lim, MD

31st Annual Meeting of the Photodermatology Society

Photoprotection for People of Color
with Amy McMichael, MD

Hybrid Diffuse Reflection Spectroscopy (HDRS) Testing Sunscreens
with Curt Cole, PhD, Eduardo Ruvolo

Environmental Safety Assessment of UV Filters
with Iain Davies, PhD

SPF - A New Way of Looking
with Uli Osterwalder

Photodermatology Society Sunscreens - Update
with Alexandra Kowcz, MBA

What Does Spectroscopy Tell Us About the Skin?
with Harvey Lui, MD, FRCPC

Laser-assisted Drug Delivery in Dermatology
with Merete Haedersdal, MD, PhD

Future Collaboration Perspectives Between Europe (ESPD) and US (Photodermatology Society)
with Giovanni Leone, MD

Individual Typology Angle and Fitzpatrick Skin Phototypes are Not Equivalent in Photodermatology
with Muhammad Osto, MS4

Visible Light Photoprotection
with Henry Lim, MD

30th Annual Meeting of the Photodermatology Society

This meeting was held virtually/remotely due to lingering concerns over COVID-19. The entire meeting, including all speakers, can be found below.

28th Annual Meeting of the Photomedicine Society

PUVA: Clinical Pearls and Practical Matters (Part 1)
Primer for Phototesting and Photosensitivity (Part 2)

with Elisabeth Richard, MD

Phototherapy of Checkpoint Inhibitor Dermatoses
with Kristen M. Beck, MD

Narrow Band UVB Phototherapy for Uremic Pruritus
with Noori Kim, MD

27th Annual Meeting of the Photomedicine Society

Therapeutic Challenges You Never Thought to Treat with UV
with Elizabeth Buzney, MD

Phototherapy in Children
with Annie Grossberg, MD

UVA-1: The UTSouthwestern Experience
with Heidi Jacobe, MD, MSCS

26th Annual Meeting of the Photomedicine Society

Phototherapy for Vitiligo
with Amit G. Pandya, MD

Establishing and Operating a Phototherapy Clinic
with Colby C. Evans, MD

Treating Psoriasus and Eczema with Narrowband UVB (NBUVB) Phototherapy
with Elizabeth Buzney, MD

Creating a Home Phototherapy Practice
with Heidi Jacobe, MD, MSCS

Approach to the Phototherapy Patient
with Heidi Jacobe, MD, MSCS